AnCon 2021: Refresh

Binging TV? Tending your indoor plants? Doomscrolling? Curating your Tiktok career? Getting into sourdough? Discovering your 10km exercise radius?

How are you spending lockdown?

In the midst of the uncertainty and grief, the missed friends and lost opportunities, where are seeking refreshment? What if lockdown didn’t equate with having to spiritually hunker-down?

Refresh bamboo shoots

As AnCon moves from in the flesh to online, we want to cast a vision for growth not only during lockdown, but beyond. A practical vision to grow as a child of the one, true, and loving God. Hear his voice. Have his ear. Be part of his body. Come and experience his extraordinary grace. Come, and be refreshed.

Join us online for AnCon21 Refresh: Growing Spiritually during Lockdown and Beyond (2-5 August).

AnCon21: In the Flesh has made way for this much needed exploration into spiritual growth. Taking place part-time over four days, this online conference is free* and open to all.

*Postgrad Day is continuing on Wednesday, and costs $20.

We recognise that any digital conference is hard to engage with, and so we have streamlined the timetable to make it focussed, manageable, and interesting. With only three hours of conference core each day, there is plenty of time to rest, reflect, or participate in further optional activities, including elective seminars, prayer meetings, and even social and community events.

By the end of the week, we pray that you will have developed a profound ability to nurture a deep love for God despite the unremitting challenges of life on earth.

Everyone is welcome at AnCon! If you are a first year, final year, international student, investigating Christianity, or a postgraduate student, we would love you to join us!

If you registered for AnCon: In the Flesh you have been automatically registered for AnCon: Refresh. Any prior payment for AnCon will be refunded. If you wish to opt out of AnCon: Refresh, please let us know by contacting

If you have any problems with registration, or have any questions, please email Lesley Zhang on

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