AnCon20 Financial Assistance

AnCon 2020 (running from 27–31 July) is a week of challenging and engaging talks, a time to meet new people and hang out, and a chance to investigate the claims of Jesus. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Financial assistance is provided for EU students who have difficulty in paying their AnCon registration. There are two types of assistance: EU Loans and AnCon Subsidies. If approved, a EU Loan enables you to pay the full cost of AnCon through a negotiated number of repayments, which can last until the end of the year. Under an AnCon Subsidy, your overall price of AnCon is reduced by a certain amount.

There are three ways to apply for AnCon Financial Assistance:

  1. applying through a Howie;
  2. applying through a faculty leader; and
  3. applying through the AnCon Financial Assistance Inquiry Form (found below), or by email (

If you apply through a Howie or faculty leader (who will direct you to the Howie), you will need to meet with the Howie to discuss the two possible options for financial assistance. If approved, you will confirm your repayment plan and fill out the EU Loan and AnCon Subsidy Application Form together. 

If you apply online through the Inquiry Form or via email, this will be forwarded to the AnCon Treasurer. The AnCon treasurer will then meet with you personally or direct you to meet with a Howie to complete the EU Loan and AnCon Subsidy Application Form.

EU Loans and AnCon Subsidies are available for students who are experiencing financial difficulty. If possible, we recommend only applying for full amount in special circumstances. Whilst we try to make this conference available to as many students as financially possible, approval is dependent on the number of applications received, so please apply early.

Inquiry Form