Christmas Service

Each year at Christmas and Easter, in partnership with the Anglican Chaplaincy, we host a chapel service on campus. All general, technical, professional, and academic staff alongside postgraduate students are invited, regardless of their background or religious conviction.

The 2019 Christmas service will be held on Monday 9 December, 1pm in the Quad Professorial Room (Quad S445 - next to the MacLaurin Hall). Our speaker is the Rev. Michael Paget, Senior Minister at St Barnabas' Broadway and Anglican Chaplain to Sydney University.

These services, held at significant moments in the Christian calendar, offer staff and HDR students an opportunity to pause, reflect, and consider our lives in light of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When life on campus can feel hurried and pressured, the services each year bring a space away from the rush of marking and teaching. The services usually involve a mixture of Bible reading and prayers. An Anglican minister will provide some brief refelctions on the readings. Sometimes there's music. There's always food avaliable afterwards.