EPS Symposia

Symposia occur 5-6 times each year as a gathering moment for postgraduate students and staff to discuss a range of topics and ideas.

The purpose of symposia is to 'help postgrads and staff flourish in their workplaces and see how all knowledge finds its fullness in Christ.'

The Next Symposium:

Mental Health & COVID-19 | 12:30-1:30pm May 25 | Online

It is no understatement to say we are living through uncertain times. Postgraduate research and working at university is stressful enough when day to day life does not feel frozen in isolation and quarantine. The fear, anxiety, and grief that comes with the pandemic and the reality of mass suffering and death; the stress that comes with financial pressure and job security.

This online symposium will help us consider how to maintain well-being during this time of uncertainity and concern, and how to stay mentally healthy while working from home. The symposium will be streamed via the EPS YouTube channel.

Our Speaker: Dr Jenny Brown

Jenny has worked as a social worker and family therapist since the early 1980s.  Her clinical work has been in alternate care, couple therapy, family therapy, adult mental health, family homelessness, expatriate families and child and family health. Jenny’s research over the past years has focussed on parents and their involvement in their child’s mental health treatment. She is well regarded in Australia for her training in Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory and has been dedicated to developing the application of this model in clinical practice and training since the early 1990s.

Jenny is the author of the best-selling book Growing Yourself Up (published 2012 in Australia, 2015 in the USA; 2nd edition 2017); that applies Murray Bowen’s family systems theory to life and relationships with a personal and accessible style . She has a number of published articles and book chapters on aspects of family systems. Jenny is founder and director of The Family Systems Institute and the Family Systems Practice in Sydney, Australia, where she has a counselling practice and trains mental health professionals, clergy, family business consultants and “helping organisations”. She has trained and earned academic awards at the University of Sydney and Columbia University New York. She has a PhD Social Science from the University of New South Wales.


Schedule for 2020:

  • February 25 – Theological Anthropology & Genre with Michael Jensen
  • May 25 – Mental Health for Postgrads
  • June – How to Teach Like you Care
  • August – Panel Faith in Science
  • October – Panel: Ethics and Integrity in Research 
  • November – Who's afraid of diversity and inclusion

Previous Symposia

  • Faith in Science: Living Well as a Christian in Science (with Dr Liz New (Chemistry), Dr Peter Kim (Maths), and Dr Luke Barnes (Physics))
  • Justice (with Jacob Sarkodee from International Justice Mission)
  • Doctrine of Creation (with Murray Smith from Christ College, Sydney)
  • History (with Dr Meredith Lake, award winning author of The Bible in Australia and presenter for ABC Radio)
  • Mental Health Seminar (with Leissa Aitken, clinical psychologist and PhD candidate)
  • The Ethics of Technology (with Rev Dr Andrew Sloane from Morling College. Sydney)
  • Everyday Peacemaking (with Bruce Burges from PeaceWise)
  • Mental Health (with Rev Dr Keith Condie (PhD Sydney) from ADM Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute)
  • Prayer and Academia (with Rev Dr Mark Earngey from Moore Theological College)
  • November 14 – Conflicts of Interest (with Dr Liam Semler (English), Dr Sophie Lewis (CPC), Stephanie Dunk (PhD candidate Business School), Tori Grimes (University Development Office) and Kellia Chiu (PhD candidate Pharmacy))
  • Theological Anthropology & Genre (with Rev Dr Michael Jensen from St Mark's Church Darling Point)