EPS Symposia

Symposia occur 5-6 times each year as a gathering moment for postgraduate students and staff to discuss a range of topics and ideas.

The purpose of symposia is to 'help postgrads and staff flourish in their workplaces and see how all knowledge finds its fullness in Christ.'

The Next Symposium:

Research Integrity | 12pm November 14 | Education 424

"Is it ok for me to take funding from this corporation for my research?"

"You can't research that if you're a Christian - you're biased!"

"How neutral am I as a researcher??" 

Researchers have long operated under the notion that the 'ideal' researcher should be positioned as neutral without the possibility of influence results and findings, in order to uncover what is 'objectively true'. However, research is not conducted in silos; social contexts, interpretations, and pecuniary interests are embedded in each part of the research process, from setting the research agenda to dissemination.

How do we manage these conflicts? What does this mean epistemologically? And as Christian researchers, is there a need to defend our work? How can we constructively engage with our peers?

This symposium will provide an overview of what ethics and research integrity looks like in different disciplines, and the ethical challenges that arise in these fields. Each speaker will have 8-10 minutes to give a short talk about their experiences and insights.

Our speakers on the day include:

  • Liam Semler, Professor of Early Modern Literature
  • Sophie Lewis, ACSM clinical exercise physiologist; lifestyle and chronic disease researcher - Charles Perkins Centre
  • Tori Grimes, Development Associate (Faculty of Medicine & Health)
  • Stephanie Dunk, PhD candidate in the Business School. Her research interests include the ethics of consumption.
  • Kellia Chiu, PhD candidate within the Evidence, Policy, and Influence Collaborative at the Charles Perkins Centre.

Schedule for 2019:

  • April 30 – Everyday Peacemaking with Bruce Burges from PeaceWise
  • June 13 – Mental Health with Rev Dr Keith Condie (PhD Sydney) from ADM Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute
  • August 8 – Gender Equality in the Univertsity
  • October 15 – Prayer and Academia with Rev Dr Mark Earngey (D.Phil Oxford)
  • November 14 – Conflicts of Interest

Previous Symposia

  • Justice (with Jacob Sarkodee from International Justice Mission)
  • Doctrine of Creation (with Murray Smith from Christ College, Sydney)
  • History (with Dr Meredith Lake, award winning author of The Bible in Australia and presenter for ABC Radio)
  • Mental Health Seminar (with Leissa Aitken, clinical psychologist and PhD candidate)
  • The Ethics of Technology (with Rev Dr Andrew Sloane from Morling College. Sydney)
  • Faith in Science: Living Well as a Christian Science (with Dr Liz New (Chemistry), Dr Peter Kim (Maths), and Dr Luke Barnes (Physics))