EU Winter Program

This year, as a result of covid-19, and the longer university winter break the EU is seeking to prayerfully make the most of this unexpected season to the glory of Jesus. The EU Winter Program has four components:

EXAM SEASON (Exam period)

During the exam season we are encouraging EUers to continue to be supporting one another by meeting online in prayer triplets/quads. During the exam season this will provide prayerful support for each other.

HOLIDAY PROGRAM (Break weeks 1-5)

Once holidays have commenced EU Faculties will continue to have consistent weekly Faculty gatherings as a means for people to keep in touch with each other over Winter and to feel connected with one another. 
The EU will also offer a number of different ministry electives enabling EUers to dig deep into the Bible, think theologically and develop good ministry habits and practices. These will range in length from one to eight hours per elctive over this season.


Daily Bible study with Moussa Ghazal

Deep-dive into the book of Ephesians.

Break 1 & 2. Mon-Fri, at 10-11am. Register in advance for this meeting 


Bible Overview (for international students) with Jo Wong 

Break 1. Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri at 1-2pm (English) Register in advance for this meeting

Break 2. Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri at 1-2pm (Mandarin) Register in advance for this meeting 


Spice up your prayer life with Richard Wong

A brief deep dive over two weeks engaging theologically and practically with prayer.

Break 4 & 5. Mon at 10 -11:30am  Register in advance for this meeting


Spice up your work life with Richard Wong

A brief deep dive over two weeks engaging theologically and practically with work and rest.

Break 4 & 5. Wed at 10 -11:30am Register in advance for this meeting


Book Club: Evangelism with Anna Beaver 

Reading and discussing the book ‘Honest Evangelism’ by Rico Tice (see trailer). In our first session we will read together and share the screen, then decide a plan moving forward. If you want to, there are options to buy a hard copy or digital copy

Breaks 1 - 5. Every Wednesday at 3-4pm. Register in advance for this meeting


Book club: Time Management with Paddy Benn

Feeling like there aren't enough hours in the week to get everything done? Struggling to work out what to do next? Wondering how to make the most of your time? Come and read and discuss the book 'What’s Best Next'. 

Break 1. Mon - Thu at 4-5pm  Register in advance for this meeting


Book club: A discussion about Gender & Sexuality with Paddy Benn 

Come and read and discuss the book 'The Plausibility Problem' as we consider how the world and the church understands and responds to Biblical sexuality.

Break 5. Mon - Fri at 12-1pm  Register in advance for this meeting


Theological Reflection on Friendship with Laura Southam

We will some excerpts from different sources to help discuss the practical ways our theological thinking shapes our friendships. 

Break 1 & 2. Tues & Thurs at 11-12:30pm Register in advance for this meeting


Sketching out a 5-10 Yr Plan with Celia Toose

Ever wondered about how to plan for life after uni?  What to think about? Where to even start?  Then spend an hour together nutting it out. Particulary for those who have signed the LRLR pledge.

Break 1. Mon or Tue at 10am, 12pm or 2pm. (1 hr session total), 

Register in advance for this meeting


'Getting Life Sorted' course with Paddy Benn

Struggling to work out what to do with life? How to make an impact? Where to start? What to do? How to get it all done? A course to kickstart you in sorting out all of life with regard to: Identity, Spiritual Habits, Time, Work & Ministry

Break 5. Mon - Thu at 2-4pm  Register in advance for this meeting


Vocational ministry sessions with Paddy Benn

An opportunity to conside the Biblical understanding of the what, why, when of paid ministry.

Break 1 - 3. Mon at  11am-1pm  Register in advance for this meeting


Ministry Exchange with Ben Lim

Local EU’ers join international EU’ers (e.g. 2 + 2) over 3 weeks to grow in discipleship, cultural intelligence and heart for the lost in partnership. All welcome - also a great follow-up for those who've done the XC Equip course.

a.   Break 1, Tue at 11-12pm – Share testimonies and pray together

b.   Break 2 Tue at 11-12pm – Share and compare gospel presentations

c.   Break 5 Tue at 11-12pm (check-in) – Invite friends to an (online) gospel party

Register in advance for this meeting

ANCON (Break week 6)

Ancon - a highlight of the EU calendar. Ancon 2020 will be online this year - for more details please visit the Ancon registration page

WINTER SCHOOL (Breaks week 7-9)

Given that there will still be three weeks of holidays for many EUers after Ancon the EU is running it's own Winter School. Winter School will be comprised of a number of different EU Equip courses and other ministry training courses - all run as intensives over a three week priod. 

This will be a wonderful ministry opportunity for EUers to be well equipped before semester 2 re-commences on August 24th. More details about Winter School courses can be found here during Break week 1.