Leadership Summit 2021

Leadership Summit 2021 is a non-residential EU conference on the 17th and 18th of February that aims to gather and train all the leaders in the EU for the year ahead! Whether you're a small group leader, a faculty leader, committee member or a specialist team leader, you should be coming to Leadership Summit as a way to prepare for the year ahead. Given the difficult ministry circumstances of 2020, it's our hope that Leadership Summit this year will help to encourage and refresh you for EU ministry this year.


Because of current COVID restrictions, this conference will run simultaneously across two different church sites - Barney's Broadway and St John's Ashfield. Both are easily accessible by public transport, and both have parking available nearby. You will be assigned to a location for both days, and will attend the whole conference at that location. Each day will start at 10:00am and finish at around 4:00pm. Lunch and snacks will be provided on both days (and we do encourage COVID-safe coffee runs before the conference starts, as well as faculty dinners in the evenings if possible).


The full-time cost for this conference is $45.20. If you cannot attend full time, the part time cost is $26.70. Please pay through the website prior to the event, as we will not be able to accept cash transactions or payment on the day. If you have any difficulties with payment at all (including needing to go on a payment plan), please contact Brianna Wilson on 0475197664 or at brianna.wilson191@gmail.com.


This conference will be run according to the most current COVID restrictions at the time of the conference. Masks will likely be mandatory, so please don't forget to bring one! We will also provide masks at the door if you do forget. We will also have a Services NSW QR code for sign in purposes, so please be prepared by having the Services NSW app on your phone. Finally, please keep up to date with NSW health updates and check whether you have been to any COVID locations. Please follow government recommendations and of course, if you're feeling sick, stay at home!


As a team, we're really excited for the opportunity to meet face to face to be trained and prepared for the year ahead. Please join us in prayer for the COVID situation in Sydney that we will still be able to meet, and God willing, sing together. If you have any concerns or questions at all, please contact Brianna Wilson on 0475197664 or at brianna.wilson191@gmail.com.