Welcome to ArtsPlus!

We believe that Jesus is Lord and that we need to share that with our friends and classmates on campus. We get together in small groups to stduy the Bible, we listen to talks on the Bible at Public Meetings (PMs), we hangout together every second week and we have lots of other awesome social stuff throughout the year. If you have never heard of Jesus before, or you've spent most of your life hearing, or you fall anywhere inbetween those two we'd love to have you come along to any and all of our events!
We all study "ArtsPlus" degrees which are B Arts/B Advanced Studies (International and Global Studies), B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Media and Communitcation), B Arts/B Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars including Langauges), B Arts/ B Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations), B Arts (Sciences Po Dual Degree), B Liberal Arts and Science (with an Arts major, science majors are in Pure Science), Diploma of Language Studies, Diploma of Social Sciences. 
Our Small Groups are at:
Monday 12pm
Tuesday 12pm
Wednesday 12pm
Thursday 12pm

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like to come along to one of our first year or senior small groups:

Noah Gillham
Faculty Leader
(m): 0406775504
Hayley Lukabyo
Faculty Leader
(m): 0416388154