In response to covid-19 the EU has moved many of its ministry activities online (more details can be found here). Please stay updated by liking and following the EU on Facebook and stay connected to our faculty ministries via our faculty facebook group: euDesign2020.

“To present design students with the Christian gospel and encourage Christians to witness boldly in their life and design practice.”


We welcome everyone from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning to join us as we investigate Jesus Christ and the significant implications that following him has on our lives. Revelation 22 implies that Heaven is going to be perfect, and Hebrews 11:10 states that Heaven is designed and built by God. No denying that God is the ultimate graphic designer, urban planner AND architect. Worth telling people in the ADP ay?


Who are we?

Just a bunch of Sydney Uni design kids, seeking Jesus and proclaiming him as Lord. We regularly meet to read the bible together and hang out.

Small Groups

We meet every week in the Wilkinson Hearth (2nd Floor) to read and study the Bible together.

When we meet:

  • Senior Small Group || 1pm - Friday
  • First Year Small Groups || 12pm - Monday; 9am - Friday

Faculty Leaders

Hayden Kelly
0424 254 411

Samantha Sun
0410 702 224