Who We Are

Welcome to euFOCUS!

We would love to Experience, Explore and Express Jesus’ love with you.

What We Do

If you are an international student, euFOCUS is a group for you! euFOCUS runs a variety of events where international students can meet local students, make new friends, have fun, practise their English, study together, and, most importantly, learn more about Jesus and Christianity.

Weekly events

euFOCUS meets for Come Home Dinner on Thursday afternoons of Uni semester. This is a great time to meet new friends, practise English and EXPERIENCE Jesus' love together, with God's family. We also enjoy dinner, and hear from the Bible together.

Meet in RC Mills Room 209 from 5.00pm. For more info or to say you'd like to come, contact Will: 0432 258 746.

If you want to find out more about Jesus from the Bible but are not yet a Christian, euFOCUS has weekly Bible study groups called EXPLORE Groups from week 2 to week 13. 

In Semester 2, 2019, Explore Groups are on at these times:

Mon 1pm - led by Sonya & Ben

Mon 2pm - Nathan & Sarah

Wed 12pm - Kristen & Angus

Wed 1pm - Jess & Natalie

Wed 2pm - Josh & Chenway
Thurs 1pm - Mario

There is still time to join, so please contact Ben for more information or to join, or if you're not available at any of these times: 0400 101 242.


If you are already a Christian (you already follow Jesus as your Lord), euFOCUS has weekly Bible study groups called EXPRESS Groups from Week 2 to Week 13. These groups are a place to grow in your knowledge and love of God! For group times contact Jo for more information or to join: 0410 089 357.


Get in Touch


We welcome you to come! Contact Will on 0432 258 746 for general information.

Like us on Facebook here to keep up to date with all our events.

See you soon!