Who We Are

The EU’s Nursing Faculty is a community of Christians who know and love Jesus, and also happen to study nursing at USYD Nursing School. We exist to encourage Christians to mature in their relationship with Jesus, and to tell people about who Jesus is.

What We Do

Small Group Bible Study

Whether you are a Bachelor of Nursing Student, or Combined Degree Student, or grad-entry Masters student, all are welcome to join our small groups. These are 1hr groups where we come together to read the Bible and see what it tells us about who God is, and what it means for us. It's an open environment where you are free to ask your tough questions about Christianity as well as make new friends. 

Anyone is free to join, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not! If you would like to join one of our Bible study groups, you can contact the faculty leaders by email or phone. 

Small Group Times (meet at front foyer):

Mon 1-2pm

Thurs 1-2pm

Public meetings

Public meetings are bible talks held weekly for everyone to hear of Jesus Christ. Anyone is free to come along, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not! 

Public Meeting Time and Venue: 

     Wednesday 1PM, Nursing Seminar 3


Get in Touch

For more information contact the faculty leaders:

Faculty Leader: Caitlin Job | | 0478 078 133

Faculty Leader: Sarah Alexander | | 0490 341 785

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