Welcome to Pure Arts

Hello and welcome! EU Pure Arts is a group of students studying a Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies. We are a community of diverse interests and minds, who study everything from English to Yiddish, and Pottery to Philosophy. Yet we are all united in Christ Jesus, and it is our mission as a faculty to see Him proclaimed on our beautiful campus! We are a diverse bunch of folks who will love and welcome all! Whether you call yourself a Christian, or if you're still investigating, Pure Arts is open and welcome to everyone!

So please join us in Small Group Bible Studies for both First-Years and Seniors, when we go and grab a cheeky coffee and as we try and befriend all of the Arts students on campus. We would love for you to come and be a part of a community that loves Jesus and desires to see Him known and loved on campus this year.


Bible Studies

If you'd like to join a Bible study group, please email Emmerson at emvbrumby@gmail.com, or text 0438 206 004. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Meeting times for Semester 2, 2020:

Tuesday at 1pm

Wednesday at 1pm

Thursday at 12pm

Friday at 11am


We also have a weekly Faculty Gathering every Monday at 7pm on Zoom!

Got questions? Give us a buzz!

Faculty Leaders:

Emmerson Brumby

0438 206 004


Nick Ward

0417 800 545



Sam Loa-Ferreira



Find us on Facebook and Instagram @purearts.eu