Welcome to the Secondary Education Faculty!

// Who We Are //

Our Aim: To bring people closer to Jesus and to help them have a head, heart and hands response to the gospel. 

Our People: Hopefully this includes you! If you are studying Secondary Education and studying to become a high school teacher (i.e. doing a Combined Education degree) at Sydney University, we'd love to have you involved. From atheists, agnostics, to all-sorts of Christians, come be a part of our safe and loving community!


// What We Do //

Our Events: We love community, so we always have some events on, like small groups, where you discuss the Bible, and social gatherings etc. We hang around the education building (pretty central for education students, right?).


// Get In Touch //

Our Deets: We mostly keep in touch through our FB group. You can also shoot a call or text to 

Jonathan Lee (5th Year): 0466 623 922
Georgie Kidd (4th Year): 0402 186 435

Even if you are just feeling overwhelmed with uni, we'd love to help you out and get the most out of university with you.