EU Postgrads & Staff

Evangelical Union Postgradutes and Staff (EPS)

Who We Are

We are a community of research postgraduates, academics, and staff who love Jesus, his church, his university, and his world.

We meet in weekly bible studies, reading groups, and prayer groups across the campus, as well as a variety of other events throughout the year. Whether you’re follower of Jesus Christ or just interested in exploring His claims we’d love you to get involved!

Registration for our annual retreat – Postgrad Day at AnCon – is now open. 

What We Do

Bible Studies

Please contact us if you'd like to come to one of our weekly bible study groups:

Tuesday Group
A combined group of staff and postgrads predominantly from the Schools of Chemistry and Maths.
We enjoy meeting together to read the Bible, pray for each other, and chat about work and life in an informal setting.

Time: Tuesday 12-1pm
Location: Madsen or Carslaw
Contact: Nick Proschogo


Thursday Group
A small group for research postgrad students from all over campus
Time: Thursday1-2pm
Location: TBA
Contact: Luke Tucker


First Year Group
A small group for postgrad students commencing research in 2019
Time: TBA --2pm
Location: TBA
Contact: Matthew Moffitt


To sign up for a small group please leave your contact details here and mention that you are a research postgrad or member of staff in the comments field. Alternatively you can directly email one of the people listed above.


Prayer Groups

Engineering Prayer Group
A prayer group which systematically tackles books of the bible, with interspersed relevant topicals.
Time: TBA 7:45am
Location: TBA
Contact: Matthew Moffitt

Staff Prayer Group
A group for university staff to prayer for each other and the university.
Time: Friday 8-8:30am
Location: Carslaw
Contact: Matthew Moffitt
Wooley Prayer Group
A fortnightly group for university staff and postgrads in English.
Time: Thursday
Location: Wooley
Contact: Matthew Moffitt


EPS Equip

Equip provides a range of training courses to equip people with skills to grow and serve. We run three training courses:

  • Working in God's World
  • Ethics
  • Leading People to Christ


Other Activities

EU Postgrads and Staff also provides other opportunities for Christian researchers and staff at the university to gather through:

  • Regular evening gatherings to discuss Christian engagement with the university
  • Chaplaincy services at Easter and Christmas for the university staff and postgraduate communities
  • Conferences and Symposia
  • Partnerships with other academic Christian movements in Australia and Overseas, such as the Simeon Network


Get in Touch

To stay informed about our activities, contact Luke Tucker, Kellia Chiu, or Matthew Moffitt to sign up for our newsletter. You can also join our facebook group.