SUEU Public Meetings

In response to covid-19 the EU has moved many of its ministry activities online (more details can be found here). Join us for live-streamed Public Meetings on Facebook at the usual times (Monday to Thursday at 1pm).


Join us every week of the semester at EU Public Meetings, where we open the Bible and hear it taught. If you can, stick around for afternoon tea at 2pm! Public Meetings run on Main campus, 1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We also run meetings each week on Mallett St and at the Conservatorium of Music.

Times and Locations


Camperdown/Darlington Campus
 1pm Public Talk2pm Afternoon Tea
MondayFacebook LiveCheck Facebook
TuesdayFacebook LiveCheck Facebook
WednesdayFacebook LiveCheck Facebook
ThursdayFacebook LiveCheck Facebook


Con campus

Thursday 1pm : Facebook Live

Mallett St campus

Wednesday 1pm : Facebook Live


Public Meetings Program for 2020

Semester 1

  • Weeks 1–3: Beyond Stale: A Fresh Look at Jesus
    • Beyond Hypocrisy
    • Beyond Fiction
    • Beyond Division
  • Weeks 4–7: Beyond Opinion: The Truth of Jesus [Series I]
  • Weeks 8–10: Beyond Scepticism: Intellectually Satisfying Faith
    • Made it: Going beyond the science vs. God debate
    • Saved it: Going beyond the paradox of evil
    • Said it: Going beyond the problem of interpretation
  • Weeks 11–13: Beyond Opinion: The Truth of Jesus [Series II]

Semester 2

  • Weeks 1–4: Beyond Nihilism: Why There Really is Meaning to Life
    • Beyond Dust
    • Beyond Pain
    • Beyond Good
    • Beyond the Unknown
  • Weeks 5–10: Beyond Opinion: The Truth of Jesus [Series III]
  • Weeks 11–13: Jesus is Lord: A Message Worth Proclaiming
    • Jesus is King
    • The Best News
    • A Life of Witness