Bible Seminars

What are Bible Seminars?

The EU's Bible Seminars are hour-long, interactive teaching times with members of the senior staff. They run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with different gatherings for the Health, Humanities, and STEM regions. We also have a Bible Seminar for the Conservatorium of Music at 1pm on Thursdays.

Preaching program for Semester 1, 2021

Different regions will be going through different series, but the same overall content will be covered across the semester in each region. In semester 1 we will look at:

  • The Book of Exodus
  • The Book of James
  • A series on Fear

At the Con, we'll look at the topic of Guidance, the book of James, and the book of Exodus.

Preaching program for Semester 2, 2021

Across the Health, Humanities, and STEM regions, we will look at:

  • The Book of Exodus
  • The Book of James
  • A series on Guidance

Meanwhile at the Con, we will spend most of the semester in the book of Exodus, and also finish the book of James.

Bible Seminar Locations

Bible seminars for Semester 1 will be held in the following locations on campus:

HealthSNH Seminar Rm 4001Physics Lecture Theatre 424Physics LH Seminar Rm G19
HumanitiesCarslaw Learning Studio 352Law Annex Lecture Theatre 101Carslaw Lecture Theatre 157
STEMMerewether Learning Studio 158Carslaw Lecture Theatre 159Merewether Learning Studio 158

For the Con Bible Seminar location, please contact Isabelle Palmer (0435 071 369).