SUEU AnCon 2020 FAQ

AnCon Online 2020 FAQS


Why should I come on AnCon? 

By the end of the week, we think (and pray!) that you will have: Learnt a lot about how God reveals himself to us in a variety of unique and marvellous ways; benefited from experiencing Christian community and developing life-long friendships; and been challenged in such a way that your life changes in significant ways. Many EU graduates look back on the AnCons they attended and recognise that God has used the depth of learning & community they experienced there in profound ways in their life.    


What happens on AnCon? 

A lot! Basically: we will start the day with a prayer meeting for everyone who is attending, then you’ll spend time with your faculty groups and attend electives. During free time in the afternoon there will be a range of activities for you to participate in (online of course!). After dinner, expect a main session which everyone is attending, after which there are a range of activities depending on the night. 


What is changing about AnCon now that it is online?

In short, quite a lot! We will be running a more condensed timetable across 3.5 days, with all sessions happening online with you tuning in from your own home.


What are Review Groups? 

Review groups happen each day of AnCon from 28-30th July. We'll meet in the same groups each day to discuss the talk from the night before, and think more deeply about what the Bible says and the implications for us.  


Is there free time? 

Yes! Every day, in fact. We encourage you to make use of this time to catch up with friends or take some time off your screens to go for a walk or nap so you are ready and recharged for what comes next!


What if I can't go for the whole time? 

Obviously, you'll benefit most from AnCon if you're there for the whole times – the talks, the community, the electives are all designed for you to be there for the whole week. The timetable for AnCon 2020 is set up to be part-time in order to prevent screen fatigue, and provide you with opportunities to connect with other friends and household members. You will have access to pre-recorded elective sessions throughout the whole week of AnCon and afterwards, so there is no stress if you cannot always be present at the exact times (apart from live sessions).


When is AnCon? 

AnCon is held in the last week of the winter holidays. In 2020, this will be 27-30th July. It starts with an online session on Monday night at 8pm, and will have sessions on the 28-30th July.


Where is AnCon? 

This year AnCon will be held in your own home! Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures introduced by the Australian and NSW Governments, it will no longer be possible for AnCon to be a residential conference as normal. Please note, that we must also abide by The University of Sydney, University of Sydney Union, and Sydney University Evangelical guidelines.


Where do I go for sessions?

Sessions will be happening online and further information on where to go for links to access sessions throughout AnCon will be available closer to the date via emails to attendees, and the AnCon social media channels. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!


What do I need to bring? 

Yourself! Please have a Bible and a pen ready during sessions, review groups and electives (if you don't have a Bible, let us know in the “Special requests” and we'll get one for you as a gift). Bring along your AnCon pack too! Whatever else you bring is up to you – you may like to bring a blanket or some snacks with you as you attend AnCon from the comfort of your own home!


 When should I expect AnCon pack? What will be in it?

The AnCon packs will be mailed on Monday 13th July with Australia Post so they will arrive to all attendees within Australia before we start AnCon on Monday 27th July. Please be aware that Australia Post may still be experiencing delays due to circumstances outside our control, but we will do our best to mitigate any impact this has on you. If you still have not received your parcel on Monday 27th July, please contact Lesley at and we will do our best to help you!


MONEY Questions

How much does AnCon cost? 

The standard price for AnCon is $40 for a student or staff member, which includes access to conference materials and an AnCon pack which you will receive via post before AnCon begins. There are some discounts available for first years, for those who are investigating Christianity and those who will be attending AnCon from overseas.

Do I have to pay all at once?

Nope! You can register without paying anything, and pay gradually by instalments. Full payment is required by Friday 10th July at the latest. But why wait?! If you pay at the time of registration, you will save yourself another task alter 😉


What if I want to come but cost is a barrier?

There is help for those under financial pressure, which we understand may be greater given the current circumstances. Contact Bridget Chan at or fill in the google form here.


What if I need to cancel my rego?

The S.U.E.U. Refund policy is outlined here.


Where does my money go? 

This year, most of your money will be going to things like sound and other tech gear needed to record the content for the sessions of AnCon as well as the costs of posting an AnCon pack to you – yes, everyone is going to get a pack! We also use some money to subsidise the registration of people investigating Christianity and first years.



How do I register?

When you head here (as you have successfully done - congratulations), you will notice that you need to log in to register. If you have an account, just login at the bottom right of the page, then click on the 'Register' tab on the main Ancon page. If you've ever received an email from the EU, then you have an account of the website, so just click the "Request new password" link under the login fields and follow the instructions. If you have trouble, contact your Howie and ask them to reset your password. If you don't have an account, go to the bottom right of the page and click 'Create new account'. You'll be sent a login, with which you will be able to register - hooray!


When will registration close? 

Standard Rego closes July 10. Standard Rego guarantees you delivery of the AnCon2020 Pack.

Late Rego – register July 11-21 and you will still receive an AnCon2020 Pack (while stocks last), but we can't guarantee it will arrive in time for AnCon.

Super Later Rego – you can still register after July 22, but you won't receive an AnCon pack.


What do I do if I have already registered for AnCon prior to May 2020, but had not paid anything?

You will have received an email from the AnCon team but, unfortunately, we need you to register again, on the EU website here because the information needed to complete a registration has changed quite drastically from that needed for a residential conference.


What do I do if I have already registered for AnCon prior to May 2020 and have begun to complete payment?

You will have received an email from the AnCon team with a link to a google form. Please check your junk email, or email Lesley at if you think this applies to you but you have not been emailed. Because the information needed to complete a registration has changed quite drastically from that needed for a residential conference, we need some further information and also that necessary to give you a refund, per the SUEU Refund Policy which is available here.


 I AM… Questions

I am going to be overseas at the time of AnCon. Can I still come?

Absolutely! Because AnCon will be online this year, we hope it will be even more accessible for you to join us. When registering, select the discount for “International at time of conference”. This means that you will not be receiving a physical AnCon pack in the mail like our domestic attendees. Do not fear – you will still be well taken care of 😉


I am going to be inter-state at the time of AnCon (i.e. not in NSW but still in Australia). Can I still come?

Yes!! We are running AnCon online so you can attend from anywhere you have an internet connection! All conference times for the program will be in AEST. You will even get to receive an AnCon pack in the mail like everyone else! Provided your register before Friday 10th July, this should arrive before AnCon begins on Monday 27th July (subject to Australia Post delays).


I'm not a Christian. Is it ok for me to come  on  AnCon? 

Absolutely yes! In fact, we'd love to shout you a complete discount so that AnCon is free for you! We believe this God stuff is true and real and we want you to know Him. The conference is designed so that you will get a clear understanding about what it is that Christians hold to be true, and what that means for how we are to live in response. During the week, you will have the opportunity to nut out the things that you find difficult to believe in during our Investigating Jesus elective stream. You will also have the opportunity at different points throughout the week to ask our knowledgeable staff and Rowan (the guy giving the talks) all your hard questions!


I'm an international student. Is it ok for me to come  on AnCon? 

Of course! We have a simple English component for you, and would love for you to join us. It's a great place to make friends. If you will be overseas at the time of AnCon (27-30th July) please select the “International at time of conference” discount option. This is for you, because we won’t be able to mail you an AnCon pack – but don’t worry, you will still get some goodies!


I'm a postgraduate student or university employee. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

Yes! The EU's staff and postgrad community host a special stream for HDR students, academics, and staff. This year it is running on three consecutive Monday evenings in July from 7pm (July 13, 20, and 27). When you register, please select the student option, then select the discount for “Postgrads Day” which will make your registration $10.


I'm a non-USyd student. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

Sure is! Whilst we encourage you to attend the mid-year conference that your own campus group runs, we understand that for some, that isn't possible. You're welcome to join us. Please let us know which faculty group you would like to be a part of if you have a friend you are joining or by looking at the list of “Communities” on the EU website.

I'm a student at the Con. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

Definitely is! The Con Christian Group is attending AnCon and will spend time together during faculty time at AnCon.


I’m a student on the Cumberland campus. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

Of course! ECU will be joining the SUEU at AnCon for the first time in 2020 and we can’t wait to get to know you all! During faculty time in the morning, ECU will be hanging out together. 


This is my first time at AnCon. I don't have a particular question, but I'm feeling a bit anxious... 

We hear you! We have made big efforts to make your AnCon experience non-terrifying - in fact, we think you'll have such an amazing time that you'll be eager to return again next year! We understand that this may feel particularly daunting given that we will not be able to meet in person. Despite this, each morning, you will spend time with the people who are in your faculty (those who study the same stuff as you) where you will come to know people, and feel known by people. There will be ample opportunities to form friendships across the conference. Free time will include some activities if you want to meet people outside your faculty group, so there's something for everyone. Oh, and there's a $10 discount if you're in first year!