Training (Equip)

Equip is the EU's training program, with courses in different ministry skills and Christian understanding. Equip is one of our main three activities that all EUers are invited to be a part of, as we seek to equip students with the skills they need to serve in the EU, their churches and beyond, and to set them up for a lifetime of service! Course descriptions are found below.

Across Semester 1 2021, we are running multiple training courses to help us as we seek to share the gospel with people across campus and prepare for a life of serving the Lord Jesus: Getting Life Sorted, Teaching the Bible, Cross-Cultures, Ethics, and Engaging with Muslims. We will run Making Life Decisions and Working in God's World as one-day intensives out of class weeks.

You can register via the 'Equip Registration' tab on the left-hand-side menu.

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Courses will run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 2-3pm. They will begin in Week 1, but you can still join over the first couple of weeks.

Cross-Cultures will run Thursdays 4-5pm.

Making Life Decisions and Working in God's World will run as one-day intensives on Monday 28th June, 9am-5pm (first Monday of the mid-year break).



1st Year

Getting Life Sorted (First Semester) - 10 Weeks
This is the course for you if you haven't done any course before!

2nd Year

Teaching the Bible (First Semester) - 13 Weeks
A course to help you grow in your skills and confidence to faithfully read and teach others from God's Word. This course is essential for those who are Assistant Small Group Leaders, and all others who want to grow in this area of service are welcome to join! TTB is run in regional day comunities by regional day staff.

Senior Years

Engaging with Muslims (First Semester) - 8 Weeks

Engaging with Muslims helps EUers understand more about our Muslim "cousins" in order to have meaningful conversations with them.Making friends with Muslims can encourage great conversations about faith. This course focuses on relating well to Muslims and understanding the differences between Christianity and the Islamic worldview. For everyone from beginners up.

Ethics (First Semester) - 8 Weeks
This course engages with the rich and significant questions of how Christians lovingly live in the world today, serving the Lord Jesus in the context of the complex opportunities and challenges our society faces. 

Cross-Cultures (First Semester) - 8 Weeks

Jesus' great commission in Matthew 28 is to "Go and make disciples of every nation". We're very fortunate at the University of Sydney, and throughout Australia, because the nations have come to us. With international students and people of all cultures at our doorstep, every day is filled with amazing cross-cultural experiences and opportunities to share the Gospel. This course will inspire you to share Jesus with people across cultures, and equip you to do so in the best possible way. The Cross-Cultures course will also help give you confidence, and provides opportunities to serve in euFOCUS and other cross-cultural ministries. In our increasingly multicultural world, this course will help you learn to share Jesus with people across cultures, and to equip you to do so effectively.

Making Life Decisions (Mid-Year Break Intensive Format only) - 1 Day 

We all want to make good decisions. However many of us are not even sure about the direction of our lives, let alone how to make decisions to get there. This course will help you see where God is taking history, and whether your life is aligned with his trajectory. We will look at how decisions we make now relate to seeing God's kingdom grow, particularly amongst the less reached and the less resourced.

Final Year

Working in God's World (Mid-Year Break Intensive Format only) - 1 Day
This course is for all those who are preparing for life in the workforce. It is designed to help students work out what to think (and do) about work as you start out in this new chapter of your life. By providing a biblical perspective on working after university, WGW focuses on glorifying God through your work.

While the particular emphasis of WGW is for graduating students, you may also like to do this course as you start on an internship or if you spend a lot of your time in the workforce.

Are you in your last year of uni? This is the course recommended for you!