Unity, Diversity and the EU

Unity, Diversity and the SUEU

The Sydney University Evangelical Union is an inter-denominational, evangelical Christian group. Our goal is to together proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, and see the kingdom of God manifested at Sydney University.

1. Evangelical nature of the SUEU

The SUEU is an evangelical Christian group. Our constitution dictates that people seeking to become members of the EU must sign a declaration stating their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, their identification with the SUEU community, and their commitment to the SUEU's objects (Article 3.2). Furthermore, the SUEU upholds the fundamental truths of Christianity contained in its doctrinal basis. (Article 2.3). People seeking to be members of the Executive or on committees of the SUEU must declare their unreserved agreement with the doctrinal basis of the SUEU. (Article 11). All speakers and specialist teams to the SUEU must also be in agreement with the doctrinal basis. (Article 13). All members of the advisory committee (see below) must also subscribe to the doctrinal basis. (Article 12). The doctrinal basis sets out the evangelical nature of the EU.

2. Unity and Diversity

The SUEU is committed to the existence of one holy universal Church, created and sustained by God through his Holy Spirit as the body of all those throughout the world who have put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a unity created by God for God. This unity is therefore to be maintained, not created. It is a unity of all those who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and hence cuts across denominational boundaries.

However, within this divinely instituted unity there is also a wealth of diversity. The SUEU acknowledges that there can be and are real disagreements between Christians. These disagreements occur over issues of varied importance. Some issues are simply matters of taste, without any clear biblical teaching either way. There are other issues which are more significant, and may be explicitly dealt with in Scripture, but about which evangelicals may disagree. These 'disputable matters' are to be debated, but debated in the context of respectful and loving Christian fellowship. There are, finally, issues of truly central importance, about which the Christian cannot compromise. However, the SUEU recognises that humility is needed in drawing boundaries. Therefore, the SUEU maintains an inclusive membership declaration, seeking fellowship with all those who will call Jesus Christ the Lord. However, in regards to the leadership and public teaching of the SUEU, it seeks to maintain a strong evangelical focus, hence its commitment to the core truths contained in the doctrinal basis.

3. Non-denominational nature of the SUEU

As a result of the above two principles, the SUEU is a non-denominational group. Membership of the SUEU is not related to church allegiance, nor are the truths contained in the doctrinal basis particular to any one denomination. It should be noted however that the doctrinal basis is characteristically protestant by nature, stressing the supreme authority of Holy Scripture in all matters of faith and conduct. The hope of the SUEU is that members of many different churches and denominations will feel at home within this Christian community.