Why get involved?

Why get involved?

There are many good reasons to get involved with the EU. There is every chance you will make friendships that will last a lifetime. You will be encouraged to stand firm in Christ while you are at Uni. You will be equipped to speak about Christ and to serve him as long as you live. You will have a heap of fun.

But the biggest reason to get involved in the EU is simple: God is involved in the EU. Not because there is anything special about this group, but because He loves to work through His people as they call on His name and seek to be faithful to Christ. If you are a Christian person, then you belong with us and we belong with you, because in Christ we all belong to God. If you are still investigating the Christian faith, then you belong also, because God wants to welcome you into his family.

Wherever you are at, our hope and prayer is that you will join us in "together proclaiming Christ Jesus as Lord".


Don't just take our word for it, here are are some words in support of the Sydney University Evangelical Union from some prominent evangelical Christians:

The Sydney University Evangelical Union was one of the founding members of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES). It continues to be an effective group, training and supporting Christian students in reaching out to the campus community with the gospel of Christ's death and resurrection. I expect that any student who joins the EU will find they are well equipped by for a lifetime of loving and serving Christ. It is well worth your while being involved.
Kerry Nagel
Former National Director of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES)

I heartly endorse the work of the Sydney University Evangelical Union. You can be sure that the Bible will be handled in a faithful way, and you will receive a a good foundation for Christian living through attending EU activities.
David Cook
Chairperson of Katoomba Christian Convention, Principal of Sydney Missionary and Bible College

The Sydney University Evangelical Union has a proud record of preparing students for a lifetime of Christian service.
Peter Jensen
Former Archbishop of Sydney

Being involved in the EU will be one of the most significant - and good - events of your university life" and you may never leave!
Robert Forsyth
Anglican Bishop of South Sydney Region, SUEU member 1971-74

The Sydney University Evangelical Union is committed to encouraging its members to grow in Christ-likeness of character. To this end they seek to understand the message of the gospel of the Lord Jesus and apply it to all areas of their life, not the least of which is, to share it with their friends. I am happy to encourage you to join it and enter into its activities.
John Chapman
Author, evangelist and former Director of the Anglical Department of Evangelism in Sydney

I would like to encourage you to join the Evangelical Union. Thousands of students over the years have enjoyed the fellowship, fun and dialogue related to issues of faith that EU offers and have appreciated the opportunity to grow in knowledge of the Bible. It's good to join clubs, particularly when you are new to university, as they enable you to make friends quickly and feel integrated into student life. You could do no better than join the EU!
Robyn Claydon
Senior Associate with the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization and formerly a Deputy Principal in Sydney

With links dating back 70 years, it is exciting that the association between the SUEU and the Crusader Union of Australia continues to flourish into the 21st century. The need for young men and women to grow together as the Bible is taught and applied remains pressing. I thank God that so many tertiary students grow in this way, and gain ministry skills through cell groups, university missions, and also through involvement in reaching a new generation through Crusader holiday camps and other ventures. I urge new students to seize these opportunities enthusiastically.
Gary Hill
Executive Director, Crusader Union of Australia, SUEU member, 1979-1982

Starting uni begins a new phase in your life and your Christian journey. EU will assist you to strengthen your faith and take the next steps towards Christian maturity.
Peter Morphew,
NSW Scripture Union State Director

One of the greatest advantages of a university education is the opportunity to study the word of God in fellowship with lots of Christians from different churches. At Sydney University the Evangelical Union was the first club I joined when I was an undergraduate. It is still the club to join.
Phillip Jensen
Dean of Sydney, Anglican Chaplain of UNSW, SUEU member 1969-72